Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

For those of you who haven't heard, Google reader will no longer be available as of July 1st. Up until now I have been procrastinating the decision of where I should move my blog roll in the next week.

Fortunately there are a few solid options:

The most appealing to me at this point is Feedly and its one-click google reader import option.

Another nice option is Bloglovin'. If you already have an account you can follow PGHC here.

If you're unsure of where you want to take your blog feed, you can still export your Google reader data prior to July 1st. Mashable has a nice tutorial here and a list of other reader alternatives here.

Wherever you end up I hope you continue to subscribe to PGHC!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hey I like you: Elettra's Goodness

So I've been enjoying Youtube lately. You're probably thinking - "Samantha! What rock have you been living under, Youtube is so very 2007."

To that I say - Listen! I've been watching cat videos with the best of them. I knew about Maru before he got all hopped up on boxes. But I'm not talking cats here. I'm talking charming cooking videos with the quirky and stylish Elettra Wiedemann and her various equally wonderful celebrity guests. 

So here I present to you Elettra's Goodness. Enjoy it. Then go eat some baked brie and check out Maru.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Beauty Favourites

Being the temperate-weather creature that I am, I tend to cower in fear when summer yields it's skin-burning, face-melting, elbow-sweating (what this doesn't happen to you?) heat.

Dramatics aside, I tend to opt for minimal makeup in the summer months in favor of many reapplications of sunscreen (my favourite of which is Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer). Here's a list of a few of my favourites for daily wear this summer.

This is a neat new product from Josie Maran. It is perfectly pigmented, long-wearing and makes for a very natural flushed cheek (once I mastered the application of it). I love it for summer because it stays put and feels very cool to the touch (apparently a result of infused coconut water). Though I love this pink for my fair skin, it comes in six shades. 

A long-time favourite, I use this product daily. In the summer when I don't wear too much on my face it provides the little coverage I am looking for. It has a nice smell and takes care of the shine on my face.

I have been wanting to try Eos lip products for a long time but was a little thrown by their unconventional (albeit very cute) packaging. I am glad I finally tried it. The sweet mint flavor is so minty it makes my lips tingle. Very refreshing for the hot summer months.

I was looking for a product to help the hair frizz on days I don't want to blow dry (read: every day in the summer). I picked up the travel size to try it out and it certainly smooths the trouble makers. It adds shine and keeps my hair nice and soft all day. Hooray!

I first picked up this lip colour last summer and used it all up in a couple of month. It smells great, has a nice gloss without being sticky and contains minimal pigment so easy to sweep on your lips on the go.

What are your go-to summer beauty products?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Camper (or not)

I fell in love with a sweatshirt this past February. Let me set the scene for you:

Me: cold, stressed and vulnerable 
Sweatshirt: warm, inviting and reppin' an attitude I could not resist

It was a match made in heaven (read: very cold Calgary, Alberta).  Though I've often been remarked as "not being a happy camper", I cannot help but revel in its irony (and soft interior) every time I grumpily sip my morning coffee.

See more from Camp Brand Goods here.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Poppy Barley: Made to Measure Footwear

As I mentioned in my last post, I am on a quest to add quality to my closet, not quantity. In today's mass-manufactured, brand-obsessed world a price-tag is not always the best indication of quality. I find this particularly true when it comes to footwear. Too many times have I purchased a pair of boots at a higher price-point, with thoughts that they'll last for years to come, to have the heal break or the soles wear-out after only one season.

This is why I was immensely excited to hear about Poppy Barley, a Canadian company that offers made-to-measure footwear with a focus on fit, style, comfort and quality. 

The Poppy Barley collection launched last year with a selection of boot styles and has recently launched their flats collection. I have my eye on the feminine slipper in peony with a gold heel. Dreamy!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cuyana: Fewer, Better Things

(Clockwise from left) Boyfriend Shirt/$120Overnight bag/$165, Smart Traveler Set/$85

Cuyana, which means 'to love' in Quechua, focuses on quality craftsmanship and style over fashion. I love this brand because I try to implement those same two principles into all of my purchases and often am frustrated at the selection available to me at reasonable price points. There are so many items in Cuyana's collections that I would love to own, above is just a small sampling.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Adventures in GIF making

In light of yesterday's breaking news, I wanted to share my first (well, more accurately third - my first couple involved my name changing colours) animated GIF I created for a personal project. It involves a few things I love: balloons, cupcakes and surprises!

You can see more of my current work here.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Clockwise from top right: Pink Pouch / Teapot / Fox stud earrings / Carpe Diem Pillow

As a former maker and seller I am always happy to see new outlets for people to sell their handmade wares online. These days I find it a bit hard to shop on etsy because of its over-saturated nature. That's why I am so pleased when well curated sites pop up that allow more curated and personal approach to shopping for handmade goods.

Enter BRIKA. I love everything about this site. The design is clean, bright and easy to navigate and you meet each maker and learn about their background and lives. I can also attest to the quality of goods as some of my favourite makers have been on the site already including Upper Metal Class (I own multiple pairs of T's studs and have given them as gifts). And did I mention that it is based in Canada! Hooray Canada!

As an added incentive, when you join they'll give you a $15 credit to use on your first purchase. So check it out already. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Currently In... Chicago!

A deserted bean and doughnut vault doughnuts

Hello friends! I am currently spending some time in Chicago and would love your recommendations on what to see and where to shop and eat! And of course if any of you reside in this fair windy city I would love to meet up for coffee.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Typewriter.

Hello blog friends!

I wanted to take a second to share a very inspired book project by local (and very inspiring herself) Janine Vangool (publisher, editor and designer of Uppercase Magazine). She has just launched her own crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds for the printing, freight and transaction feeds of printing 3000 copies of The Typewriter. Check out the video above and definitely consider participating in this great project by spreading the word and donating some funds! Click here for more information on the project.


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